NÜO Go! It is scalable and grows with you: up to 20 doors and 250 users. It offers the advanced features of a great system with surprising ease of use. Everything is registered and you can issue tailored reports: by doors, users, incidents ... All within the reach of a click.

The system adapts to your needs with different levels of security: fingerprint, card reader, or combining the two options. Say goodbye to conventional keys!

The implementation, configuration and use of an Access Control System has never been so easy. NÜO One is the system capable of managing up to 10,000 users and 1,000 doors. You can start with a certain number of doors and expand the system whenever you want. It will not be a pain head first, the application should not be touched at all.

  • NÜO Swip

    * Combined biometrics + proximity reader
    *Capacitive sensor and display
    *Indoor facilities
    *Surface mount

    NÜO Pass

    *Combined biometrics + proximity reader
    *Optical sensor
    *Indoor facilities
    *Recessed or surface mount

    NÜO Chic

    *Combined biometrics + proximity reader
    *Optical sensor and touch display
    *Instalaciones de interior y montaje en superficies

  • NÜO Surf

    *Proximity Card Reader
    *Indoor facilities
    *Montaje de superficie

    NÜO Tok

    *Electronic handle-shaped lock
    *Proximity reader
    *Wireless installation indoors

    NÜO Time

    *Combined biometrics + proximity reader
    *Touch display
    *For time management

  • NÜO Flux

    *Mifare Plus proximity card reader.
    *Surface or surface mounting.

    NÜO Key

    *Proximity card reader.
    *Capacitive keyboard and Bluetooth
    *Outdoor surface mounting installation.

    NÜO ID

    *Remote card reader
    *UHF for vehicle identification

  • NÜO Awa

    *Combined biometrics + proximity reader
    *Multispectral optical sensor and bluetooth
    Outdoor surface mount

    NÜO Air

    *Mifare Plus proximity card reader.
    *Outdoor surface mounting installation.

    NÜO Tok K

    *Electronic lock
    *Proximity reader
    *Pommel battery


The solution for the control of pedestrian and vehicle access to your company. Visitors will be surprised by the aesthetics and efficiency of the system.

NÜO Sky Flux / Surf

Recessed in wall, placed on a surface or on posts anchored to the ground. NÜO Sky has a complete range of equipment to cover any need for outdoor access control, for vehicles or for pedestrians.

NÜO W&M View

W&M View game consoles provide excellent audio and video quality. The management of the video intercom system and the quality of the calls is impeccable.

NÜO W&M Voxter

The new W&M Voxter intercom video sets a new standard for beauty and endurance.



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